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Fortify Your Data

Jun 28, 2019

Nicholas Francis talks about his ambitious marketing summit hosted in Columbus, Ohio July 16th-17th.


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Jun 23, 2019

Tony Pietrocola, Co-Founder of Agile1, a cyber security company focused on the mid-west, has a candid conversation on cybersecurity, blockchain, and the future of data privacy.

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You can find...

Jun 16, 2019

Erika and Scott Woodrum, co-founders of SeeLife sit down to discuss their exciting new startup. SeeLife is an exciting and motivational, multilevel biofeedback game that enables the player to learn how to consciously control their heart rate variability. It uses professionally designed imagery, music, and language to...

Jun 13, 2019

Dan Soucek is the founder of ReqPrep. ReqPrep provides a digital solution that simplifies the lab ordering process for labs, practitioners, office staff, phlebotomists and patients. Our user-friendly platform streamlines the ordering process and provides only pertinent information and specific directions for each person...

Jun 2, 2019

Mike Belsito is the Co-Founder of Product Collective which organizes INDUSTRY, one of the largest product management summits anywhere in the world. He has a wealth of knowledge in the startup community as well, having authored the book 'Startup Seed Funding for the Rest of Us: How to Raise $1 Million for Your Startup -...